Public Cloud & Hybrid

We understand public cloud solutions and will work with you to ensure the needs of your business are met.

Public Cloud & HybridToday, cloud computing is no longer a novelty, it’s the norm. However, the cloud market is incredibly diverse, making it difficult to decide what cloud platform or structure is right for your business.  Just about every type of business can benefit from using some sort of cloud computing platform. Cloud9 Solutions understands public cloud solutions including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Citrix, and Google Cloud.  Our expert team knows the pros and cons of each solution along with several factors you should consider when choosing a cloud provider and will work with you to ensure the needs of your business are met when choosing a provider.

A public cloud solution allows for freedom of locality and scalability with a minimal upfront investment while a hybrid cloud solution uses the most appropriate service at every part of the design and allows you to securely combine public cloud with private cloud. Certain data will only be available on your company’s private servers, whilst the rest will be stored on public cloud servers.  This can be a flexible, agile and cost-effective solution for businesses that have special circumstances. For example, they may have to deal with strict data, regulation and governance issues in some parts of their business but not others.

Planning and moving applications and business services from your current infrastructure to the cloud can be tricky. We can assist you all the way and supply highly experienced consultants to help you with consulting and advice, building infrastructure in the cloud, migrating your systems and supplying technical staff to work with you and make it all happen.