Cloud9 Solutions FAQ's

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  • What are the services Cloud9 Solutions offers?

    At Cloud9 Solutions, we are pleased to offer the following services.

    We also offer a variety of custom services to suit your business goals and needs. Contact us today to discuss further.

  • What is Ransomware

    Ransomware is a complex piece of malware that can block the victim from accessing their files. The only way to regain access is to pay a ransom fee. Unfortunately, simply paying the fee does not guarantee that your files will be unlocked. In the case they actually are unlocked, there’s no saying when they will encrypt them again.

    There are two main types of ransomware:

    Encrypting ransomware

    This type of ransomware is designed to let your system continue running, but completely block access to any system files. It uses encryption algorithms that can only be decrypted when the victim pays for the decryption key.

    Locker ransomware

    This type will just lock the victim out of their system altogether. The victim’s files are not encrypted, but all access to them is cut off. In this case, the victim will have to pay the attacker to unlock their computer.

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