Amazon Web Services include cloud computing, storage, and app development solutions

Amazon Web Services include reliable and economic cloud computing, storage, and app development for companies of all sizes. With flexible pricing and bundling, this reliable service provides opportunities previously out of reach for most small businesses.

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What Can AWS do for my business?

AWS offers a top-of-the-line services including:

  • Web Hosting
  • Accessible storage options
  • Scalable storage systems
  • Archival Storage systems
  • Interactive systems for remote desktops
  • Virtual Reality & Game Development

Storage Systems with AWS

AWS solves data problems by providing multiple options for fast and accessible storage. Their storage systems are scalable, providing you with additional space as your business grows. An archival option is available for long-term storage. No matter which storage option you choose, all data is easily searchable and retrievable.

Effective Data Migration

AWS offers specialty data tools that allow you to migrate locally-storage data to the cloud. And with a speedy quick migration system, you can download large quantities in minimal time.

Added Security Measures

AWS integrates astute security into all services, even providing extra security for non-AWS systems.

With AWS, customers will receive identity control and verification for access to critical files. Various work groups are separated into access tiers with corresponding levels of encryption. And with AWS’s integrated firewall, your business is protected from virus and malware installation.

Cloud9 Solutions AWS Setup Services

Many Amazon Web users struggle to initially acquaint themselves with the platform, which is why our team of tech experts also offer Amazon Web setup services. By merging AWS with Cloud9 Solutions setup services, you can maximize your security and optimize your business objectives.