Implement additional solutions with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive cloud platform that includes more than 200 products and cloud services. Designed to help businesses solve challenges and implement new solutions, Cloud9 Solutions is pleased to offer Microsoft Azure as a part of their Microsoft bundle.

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When administered by Cloud9 Solutions, Microsoft Azure can help you set and achieve business objectives by building a framework for your business on the cloud. More than just a remote storage server, Microsoft Azure gives you the ability to accomplish any task.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is 5x more affordable than AWS and has been shown to increase team productivity by more than 25%. For many organizations, the ROI for Azure implementation is as high as 400%.

What Microsoft Azure can do for your business:

  • Migrate Confidently. With Microsoft Azure and Cloud9 Solutions tech experts, experience a safe and seamless transition as your data migrates from local hosts to the cloud.
  • Upgrade Security. Successfully analyzing 8 trillion signal threats a day, Microsoft Azure offers one of the strongest deflection shields for businesses. Azure optimizes your business, offering you compliance with over 90 different security standards. And you can rest assured that no data will be used for marketing insights or promotional purposes.
  • Transform Your Data. Microsoft Azure offers advanced analytics to help you reduce costs, drive sales, and increase productivity. All analytics are managed by AI technology with your business objectives in mind, allowing you to scale as needed.
  • Optimize Savings. Microsoft Azure analyzes your data and its own. The hyper-intelligent system will highlight areas of underuse and recommend removing needless additions to the Azure suite to streamline performance and reduce costs.